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Samsung Galaxy S8+ Ranked Best Smartphone By Consumer Reports

US publication Consumer Reports has published its annual smartphone ratings with Samsung’s Galaxy S8+ taking out the top spot.

The publication praised many of the features of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S8+, along with the smaller Galaxy S8 sitting closely behind in second place, but noted both smartphones have big price tags.

“If you want a stunning camera, long battery life, and gorgeous display in a water-resistant package, one of these could be the right phone for you. You just have to be willing to spend the rent money on it,” Consumer Reports’ Jerry Beilinson said.

Samsung took out the top three spots, after last year’s top-ranked S7 Edge managed to remain towards the top of the rankings in third position.

The LG G6 follows the Samsung smartphones in fourth position, while the iPhone 7 Plus rounded out the top five.

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