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Uniden Releases Security Device App Cam Solo+

Uniden is releasing the upgraded Guardian App Cam Solo+, a wireless home security system that can be triggered to record through a thermal detection system.

The Solo+ is a new generation in the Guardian range of wireless security devices, replacing the App Cam Solo by expanding on the feature set of the previous model.

Uniden is emphasising their Thermo Sense Technology in this device, a feature that uses a smart heat sensor that detects heat motion to avoid false alarm triggers like tree branches and other moving objects.

Miniaturisation and contemporary form factor design allows for the device to be placed anywhere in the home, supported by increased battery storage capacity and easy removal ability.

Mounting has also been made easier with the addition of a black silicone sleeve for bracing and glare reduction, alongside a strap so as to avoid drilling during installation.

Interactivity and home integration are designed specifically for ease of use, with Uniden’s supporting app that can connect to as many devices as you wish and allows for streaming footage from anywhere in the world, as well as providing cloud storage for all your footage.

The Solo+ has two-way talking through a built-in microphone and speaker, which can be used to frighten invaders or simply communicate with people who are nearby the device, such as couriers or guests.

The unit also has a siren inside to act as a deterrent.

The camera itself has a 130 degree viewing angle, 10 metre night vision and 180 days standby time.

A single camera will be retailing for $279.95 or can be purchased in bundles at $499.95 for two, $749.95 for three or $899.95 for four and is currently being advertised on their website, though unavailable at retailers. 

A solar panel is being offered as a periphery product for both power supply and battery charging, costing an additional RRP $79.95 per unit.

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