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Ap-ple Fools? iTunes AU Price Rise

Ap-ple Fools? iTunes AU Price Rise
Ap-ple Fools? iTunes AU Price Rise
Apple are raising the prices of digital content music, apps on App Store, blamed on fluctuating exchange rates, in a note to developers seen by Apple Insider. 

The changes will be implemented in the next 24 hours. Apple is increasing the retail prices  charged on the App Store in five currencies including: Aussie dollar, Indian Rupee, Indonesian Rupiah, Turkish Lira and South African Rand, to “account for changes in foreign exchange rates.”  
To purchase a single song on iTunes App Store currently  cost A$1.69-$2.19, with most new or fairly new tunes falling within the higher bracket. 
The higher prices will affect both the iOS and OS X App Stores, according to the report. Apple Australia was not available for comment at the time of writing, although a spokesperson confirmed price changes were taking place.  
Apple will be raising retail prices in Israel, although for lucky New Zealanders some price tiers will be going south. 
This latest move wont impress Apple customers locally, already irked over being charged far higher prices for digital tunes compared to UK and US counterparts. 
“Not cool” was the general consensus from iTunes customers on the twittersphere. 
“I’m literally still mad about the fact that iTunes raised the prices from .99 to 1.29 like are you freaking kidding me” one Apple customer tweeted.