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Tech Retail Getting Betta: CEO

Tech Retail Getting Betta: CEO “Business is steady following an uplift in the December quarter,” Betta Home Living CEO Graeme Cunningham told CN. 

The tech retailer is tracking “slightly above” last year but Cunningham anticipates this positive trend will continue, as consumer appetites for bigger TVs, mobiles and tablets continues to roar. 

“Low interest rates and increases in real estate values is certainly helping consumer sentiment remain positive, so I am optimistic that this will continue,” he said. 
In terms of hot products, demand for high end TV’s are stronger as a slew of larger screen LED, OLED and 4K panels hit the shelves, and tablets continue to increase in popularity in line with the overall shift to mobile devices.
So, does this mean the humble PC is dead and buried?
“I wouldn’t say (PC’s are dead) dead but certainly decreasing as we become more mobile.” 
Betta boss says the primary tech trend is “more and more access with mobile devices”, as appliances like washing machines and fridges can now all be controlled remotely from a mobile app.