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Ultra Thin Bendable Glass For Samsung Galaxy Fold 2?

Amidst trade tensions with Japan, South Korean technology company Samsung is reportedly developing a bendable ‘ultra-thin’ glass (UTG) material as the cover material for its next foldable phone as display production ramps up for the Galaxy Fold following ‘higher-than-expected popularity’.

According to the Investor, Samsung initially expected to roll out 67,000 units in September but has since increased its production output by 42% to 92,000 units due to high demand using materials imported from Japan.

“To overcome the supply issues, Samsung Display could replace materials currently being supplied by Japanese partners with those made by domestic firms,” an industry official said.

Trade tensions between Korea and Japan surrounding toughened import restrictions over transparent polyimide, which is a critical material in the production of foldable displays.

Coupled with increased demand for the Galaxy Fold, Samsung is reportedly moving ahead with a second foldable phone based on a clamshell design utilising UTG display technology as opposed to transparent polyimide.

According to Korean website ETnews, Samsung Display has initiated production of the new foldable displays with glass panel manufacturer DOWOO INSYS who has begun output for the initial supply of UTG displays.

DOWOO INSYS has agreed to become Samsung’s exclusive UTG panel supplier, with an industry representative praising their technical skills as ‘4 to 5 years ahead of its competitors’.

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