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UK Bans HTC Tom Daley Swimming Selfie Ad

UK advertising regulators have banned a HTC commercial involving Olympic diver, Tom Daley, and the misleading use of its U11 smartphone in a swimming pool.

Regulators claim the commercial shows the smartphone being used in a manner which breaches its instructional guide.

They claim the U11’s product guide states the device should not make contact with pool water.

The commercial has reportedly been circulated on social media since mid last year, and despite being pulled, was discovered by BBC on HTC’s YouTube channel.

The video has since been removed.

According to BBC, the commercial highlighted the U11’s ‘squeezable sides’ which triggers its front ‘selfie camera’.

The advertisement reportedly showed Daley repeatedly jumping into the swimming pool from notable heights, capturing ‘selfies’ as he fell.

The Taiwanese company has since defended the commercial, stating the U11’s IP67 waterproof rating allows it to be placed underwater up to 1 metre.

However, UK advertising regulators affirm the commercial’s end ‘warning’ – advising users not to try the stunt – is not sufficient.

[Image Source: BBC]

Regulators claim the ad exaggerates the U11’s in-pool capabilities, and portrays the device in a misleading manner.

HTC has reportedly agreed to pull the commercial from all global accounts.

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