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Huawei Takes On Apple With New Global App Store

Joining rivals Apple and Samsung, Chinese-based Huawei has rolled out its new in-house global app store, ‘AppGallery’, just days after the unveiling of its new P20 smartphone range.

As China’s biggest smartphone maker, several apps are aimed at the Asian market including; WeChat, Amap and QQMusic.

Apps such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube are also available to download from Huawei’s AppGallery, in addition to their presence on Google Play.

The news comes as Huawei continues to defend the concerns of Western governments, affirming its products are not infiltrated by the Chinese government, nor pose national security risks.

Owners of the P20 and P20 Pro already have Huawei’s new app store pre-installed.

Huawei’s AppGallery features five header ‘tabs’, including a ‘Me’ section which stores a user’s app preferences and settings. Other tabs include; ‘Featured’, ‘Category’, ‘Manager’ and ‘Top’.

AppGallery features a clean and user-friendly layout, which mimics other similar platforms.

Huawei users can download AppGallery (here), after enabling third-party app downloads.

Owners can disable AppGallery’s ‘Me’ tab via Settings, or uninstall the app completely.

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