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Uber Prices To Rise

Uber has revealed that ride-sharing prices will rise by 60% for passengers, and 85% for delivery fees under the Albanese Government’s proposed employee-like conditions for these workers.

It was found that prices would increase by 55% throughout the day, and by more during evenings, nights, and weekends, resulting in an 85% spike.

The delivery fee section of an UberEats order, would increase by 85% and as a result, it’s expected riders could take 40 to 65 million fewer trips per year, and consumers could place 60 to 75 million less deliveries, “reducing access to essential transport and delivery services.”

(AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)

It was said “Higher prices and lower demand could reduce access to important earning opportunities.”

Uber claimed to extend certain employment terms and conditions to drivers under the Passenger Vehicle Transportation award, and delivery people under the Road Transport and Distribution award.

Labor’s Closing Loopholes Bill doesn’t specifically refer to penalty rates as a proposed minimum, however, Workplace Relations Minister, Tony Burke said this is up to the Fair Work Commission. Uber wants them to be excluded.

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