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Hello, Qld: Optus 100 ‘Live’ 4G Sites

“I’m pleased to report that our Queensland networks team have been hard at work to deliver new sites ahead of schedule,” Guenther Ottendorfer, Managing Director, Optus Networks, said in a blogpost on Friday.

The telco now has more than 100 4G sites live across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Optus says its 4G TD LTE network has typical download speeds from 25Mbps – 87Mbps.

“We had Optus 4G ready just in time for the fast paced action of the V8 Supercars tearing through the streets of the Gold Coast at speeds that can only be reserved for the racetrack.”

“It’s very exciting to now be able to offer wider coverage across Brisbane and the Gold Coast, and our team is working hard to deliver even more sites in the coming months,” said Ottendorfer.

Optus launched its 4G LTE network in Newcastle and the Hunter region of NSW in April last and some metro areas of Sydney, Melbourne, and claims to have the largest coverage of any telco in Perth.

However, Telstra launched its service more than one year ago, so the yellow telco has some catching up to do as the race for The Next Big Thing in networks heats up.

Its not just 4G, Optus has been doing major 3G upgrades across the Sunshine and Gold Coasts for users with 3G dual band devices.

“We’ve just switched on 4G at four sites in Adelaide and are gearing up to introduce Optus 4G to Canberra,” said Optus networks boss.