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Acer Storage Sting Exposed

Acer Storage Sting Exposed

The new high priced model which was released today is designed for small, medium and home office network environments claims Acer. The unit has the ability to work as a wireless access point with no network cabling required. The product also offers Gibabit LAN connection for data transfers.

Acer claims that the device is simple to setup and manage through an intuitive web browser based user interface.EasyStore features integrated iTunes and UPnP AV Media Server allowing the capacity to stream photos, music and videos to UPnP AV client devices such as a Playstation and share files amongst mixed OS users.

It also includes RAID control enabling protection of files, supporting levels of 0, 1, 5 and JBOD. The addition of easyBackup software enables automatic client backup and system recovery if a hard drive fails, file corruption or accidental file deletion occurs, or in the event of virus attacks.

We are still waiting for an explanation from Acer as to there has been a massive price increase for the EasyStore unit.