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Has Vodafone Class Action Failed?

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The legal action pursued by 23,000 Voda customers and SMB’s irked by the telco’s poor 3G network performance and customer service last year may now not happen.

The group, represented by Piper Alderman’s legal firm, has failed to secure appropriate funding to take the matter to court, reports SMH.

The lawyers organised a class action suit against Vodafone Hutchinson Australia on behalf of the furious customers last year.

Vodafail.com was also set up to highlight the telco’s major service shortcomings.

However, it looks like the group may now be failing, too and may be forced to look overseas for funds to pursue the case. Vodafone also has a large market presence throughout Europe.

However, Piper Alderman Lawyer, Sasha Ivanstoff, denies the show is over, even though Vodafone confirmed it has not recieved any contact from the party, to date.

“We are not at the point where all [funding] avenues have been exhausted and we have still got potential funders looking at it,” Ivanstoff told the Herald.

However, it is now known how much the class action is seeking off the troubled teclo although it is thought to run into millions, considering the huge amount of customers that have joined the case.

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Recent figures show 375,000 fled the network in the first six months of the year, and lost $78.2 million in the process.

Vodafail was set up by a disgruntled NSW student in December last and by early January over 11,800 people shared “pain” stories, with a total of 150,000 visitors.