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TV Market Share Revealed Samsung Dominates

Who are the winners and losers in the TV market? According to new GFK data which is a combination of collected and vendor supplied information Samsung is still the #1 TV brand overall in Australia followed by LG, Hisense who love to brag about being #1 came in third, but when it came to UHD TV’s Hisense fell to fourth place.

The latest data which was collected over 21 months reveals that as of this month, in the overall market Samsung had 28.1% share, LG 18.8%, Hisense 16.2% and Sony 14.4%, TCL 5.4% while Panasonic could only manage 4.5% share.

In the Ultra High Definition TV market Samsung has scored a whopping 32.5% share, LG 21.9% Sony 15.3% while Hisense could only manage 13.8% share due in part to the quality of their UHD TV offering.

See full results below.

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