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TV Deals At Harvey Norman? You Are Joking!

Harvey Norman loves screaming out how good they are at delivering TV deals. Really!

If their latest big TV offering at their big flagship Alexandra store in NSW are anything to go by, they are desperately trying to suck customers into old stock at prices that are far from being “A Deal’.

Take their 65” Panasonic TV that comes with an attached soundbar.

The asking price a mere $8,299.

The TV is not only last years model it’s a discontinued model after Panasonic gave up flogging TV’s in Australia.

They also appear to be trying to confuse consumers between OLED and NanoCell technology by mounting a brand new 2020 65” NanoCell TV complete with the latest generation processor on an OLED stand.
The two are not related with the LG NanoCell technology competing with Samsung’s QLED technology.

Ironically the new LG NanoCell TV is selling for $2,695, it’s not only $5,604 cheaper than the old Panasonic OLED TV you could throw in a top end 24bit Bowers & Wilkins soundbar at $1,999 and still come out miles in front.

I also challenge anyone to spot the difference between the Panasonic OLED and the latest LG $2,695 NanoCell TV.

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