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Panasonic Launches Portable Nanoe X Air Purifier

Panasonic has today launched its Australian clean air initiative, which features the local release of the Portable nanoe X Generator, a drink-bottle-sized air purifier that’s perfect for placing on your desk to ensure a healthy workspace.

This truly is portable too, weighing just 400 grams, and measuring 170 mm x 90 mm x 66mm.

Nanoe X technology “inhibits indoor pollutants and odours in the air and on surfaces through the release of nano-sized, atomised water particles”.

Panasonic has commissioned independent Australian research, that found 61 per cent of Australians believe air quality has a significant impact on their health.

With the recent bushfires followed months later by a global pandemic, one in three Australians aged 20+ are now more concerned about air quality compared to 18 months ago, according to Panasonic’s findings.

“Australians are concerned about the air they breathe and as the leader in air conditioning and air purification solutions through our nanoe X technology, we feel it incumbent on us to draw awareness to the growing importance of indoor air quality in private and public settings,” Panasonic Australia Managing Director Paul Reid said.

“Nanoe X is technology that we are incredibly proud of – and it hasn’t come about overnight. Backed by 25 years of dedicated research and development , the latest generation of nanoe X is proven by more than 140 independent laboratory tests across a range of use cases.”

“As we introduce the portable nanoe X Generator to the nanoe X family, we’re harnessing the technology that underpins our air – conditioning range to ensure fresh air travels with you wherever you go, from the office, to the car, through to hotels and cafes.”

The Panasonic Portal Nanoe X Generator is available for $299.


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