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Turing Team With TCL On AI Smartphone

Turing Robotics Industries have announced they’ll be teaming up with TCL to bring their the second-generation of their luxury smartphone range to market, talking up the device’s next-generation AI-driven software integration.

Branded the Appassionato and aimed at the highest of high-end smartphone users, the phone promises to leverage a unique AI assistant,called Sir Alan, that TRI say goes far beyond what’s offered on other smartphone platforms.

Calling it ‘Amplified Intelligence’, TRI say the enhanced-concierge service ” works in conjunction with an AI interpretation engine to jointly provide finely tuned, relevant lifestyle and business recommendations for Appassionato users.”

The Turing Phone Appassionato will start shipping globally in two variants by September 2017. Spec-wise, it’ll tout a Snapdragon 820-series chip and be powered by Android. What’s more, the whole package is coated in an extra-strong Liquidmorphium alloy – which sounds like it’ll add a degree of durability that goes beyond the usual.

“We are excited to be working with TRI on their innovative new product,” said Nicolas Zibell, CEO of TCL Communication.

“TCL observed the immediate excitement and lively enthusiasm that the first generation of Turing phones brought out with consumers and we saw an opportunity for a mutually beneficial partnership. We want to channel that energy to impress consumers.”

The Turing Phone Appassionato PX8 and the even-more premium Turing Phone Appassionato GX8 will be priced at $1,099 and $1,599, respectively.

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