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MiniLED Set To Outsell OLED TCL & SAmsung Big Winners

As Samsung gets set to roll out a new generation of TV’s in a battle with arch rival LG both Companies are set to push the value of OLED TV’s, the only problem is that demand for Mini LED TV’s that are also sold by TCL are set to exceed OLED demand according to new research.

At the UBI research conference over the weekend in South Korea it was predicted that MiniLED TV shipment this year will surpass the OLED TV shipment for the first time this year.

According to the research data, this year’s shipments of MiniLED TVs will be 6.8 million units, which is 0.4 million higher than the predicted OLED TV shipment for 2024.

MiniLED TV shipments have been catching up with OLED during the past few years with consumers, claiming that the display difference between the two is “barely noticeable”.

The big difference is price with MiniLED panels able to be produced cheaper in a variety of large sizes.

Researcher Melissa Wang claimed that OLED TV shipments decreased by 20.6% year-on-year in 2023, while MiniLED shipments saw a growth of 24.7% year-on-year for the same period.

The shipment figures for OLED and MiniLED TVs last year were 5.48 AND 4.25 million units, respectively.

MiniLED TV shipments have been growing steadily with retailers set to range more MiniLED panels in the future than OLED despite Samsung and LG both cutting deals with each other for the supply of OLED panels manufactured by LG Electronics Display.

OLED TV shipments are also expected to grow, however MiniLED TV shipments are predicted to grow exponentially and achieve a figure more than three times bigger than its competitors claim researchers.

Currently, the MiniLED TV market is led by Samsung Electronics, and TCL, along with Hisense.

Observers claim that shipments of MiniLED by Samsung Electronics (who sell both OLED and MiniLED) will play a crucial role in shaping the future market share.

MiniLED TVs such as the TCL C12H series or the Terrace TV from Samsung Electronics can offer higher contrast and improved brightness, due to their use of smaller diodes which are cheaper to manufacture.

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