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TPG To Switch Off 3G Network

TPG Telecom has announced it will shut down its 3G network in December 2023, giving those few stragglers plenty of time to upgrade to a more robust network.

“The retirement of older network technologies like 3G is part of an important industry-wide move to provide customers with better speed and greater functionality with today’s modern smartphones and devices,” CTO Giovanni Chiarelli said.

The company has already reallocated its metro 3G spectrum to its 4G networks, while its 900MHz regional spectrum will expire in June, 2024.

3G voice calls will automatically be carried over 4G after December 2023.

3G represents less than 1 per cent of TPG’s total mobile data traffic, compared to 86 per cent for 4G and a growing 13.5 per cent for 5G.


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