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TPG Owned iiNet Tops Broadband Satisfaction, Telstra Trails

Latest numbers from Roy Morgan rank TPG-owned iiNet Australia’s best broadband provider in terms of customer satisfaction. By contrast, TPG’s customer satisfaction has dived 12% year-on-year to 67%.

For the month of July, iiNet achieved a customer satisfaction rating of 76%, its forth consecutive monthly win this year. Results are a notable 9% increase versus 2017.

Optus notched 73%, with customer satisfaction remaining unchanged since last year.

The Singtel-owned group is competing with iiNet for the best overall broadband provider in 2018, after winning three monthly wins in March, April and May.

Telstra trailed in third place, with customer satisfaction slumping 1% year-on-year to 69%.

Internode notched fifth place with 65% – a far cry after winning Roy Morgan’s overall best broadband provider in 2017. The company falls under TPG’s umbrella after being bought by iiNet in 2011.

Roy Morgan CEO, Michele Levine, claims iiNet is on its way to winning the best overall broadband provider in 2018:

“iiNet’s victory builds on three victories earlier in the year and edges the TPG subsidiary ahead of Optus in the race for the annual award. Neither iiNet nor Optus have yet won the annual award in this category.”

As previously reported, TPG and Vodafone and will merge into a ~$15 billion telco powerhouse sometime next year, intensifying competition against Telstra and Optus.

“The merger consolidates the third largest mobile phone service provider (Vodafone) with the second largest broadband service provider (TPG-iiNet-Internode) to take on established telecommunications market leaders Telstra and Optus as well as develop an effective platform to compete with the broadband services delivered via the National Broadband Network (NBN),” adds Levine.

Further information is available on Roy Morgan’s website here.

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