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TPG Now Offers Speeds 10X NBN

TPG is launching G.Fast technology in Australia this week, offering speeds ten times faster than those offered by NBN.

G.Fast is launching in NSW, Queensland, Victoria and the ACT to buildings using FTTB technology.

The technology will be initially available to over 230,000 of these FTTB premises, and offers download speeds of up to 990Mbps with unlimited data, and no AVC or CVC charges.

TPG is committing to expanding the technology, and will upgrade its FTTB footprint in South Australia and Western Australia over the next year.

“The great thing about G.Fast is it really gets the most out of the network that we’ve already got in place in these buildings,” TPG’s executive in charge of wholesale, enterprise and government, Jonathan Rutherford, said.

“All these buildings are already connected via our fibre, and then inside the buildings we put in the G.Fast equipment, which can then get you speeds that are 10 times faster than what you had before. For gamers, having a fast download is critical, and more and more users are demanding these faster speeds.”

TPG is offering a 15 per cent discount on G.Fast plans during the first 12 months.



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