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Toshiba Recalls 4 Notebook Chargers Over Fire Risk

Product Safety Australia has recalled four 2-pin AC adapters used with several Toshiba notebooks, citing the risk of overheating, and a potential fire risk.

The affected power adapters (below) were sold with certain Toshiba laptops from July 2011 to October 2015:

  • G71C0009S210
  • G71C0009T110
  • G71C0009T116
  • G71C0009T210

The chargers were reportedly not sold in retail stores, instead primarily sold to corporate customers.

Product Safety Australia claims the ongoing deterioration of material within the plug may cause the DC-IN plug to overheat, and cause a fire.

Consumers are advised to turn off wall power and unplug their adapter immediately, before visiting Toshiba’s website¬†here, to determine if their 2-pin AC adapter is affected.

Consumers can register their details online to request a replacement power adapter. Alternatively, they can contact Toshiba on 13 30 70 for further information.

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