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Samsung To Debut 65-Inch 8K TVs In Q3

Recent reports reveal Samsung is launching 65-inch 8K TVs in Q3 this year – news which will intensify competition against the likes of Sharp.

As previously reported, Japanese-based Sharp unveiled its 8K TV at IFA last year, claiming it was the world’s first TV of its type.

Sharp’s 8K LCD TVs began shipping to Taiwan and Europe early this year, with the company asserting worldwide sales have exceeded targets.

According to Taiwanese trade publication, DigiTimesSamsung will commence marketing its 8K QLED TVs around August this year.

[Sharp 8K]

The Korean giant is tipped to showcase its 8K TV line up at this year’s IFA, featuring AI technology to upgrade low resolution video to 8K comparable quality.

After pulling out of the Australian TV market two years ago, Sharp is reportedly set to make its re-entry with 8K.

Analysts expect continued 8K TV growth, with a spike expected around the time Japan starts broadcasting selected 8K content from December 2018.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics is also tipped to spark 8K TV demand. Reports reveal Panasonic and Sony have partnered with Olympics broadcaster, NHK, to develop broadcast technology capable of 8K video.

NHK previously broadcast a small selection of 8K content during the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Sharp parent company, Foxconn, is expected to ramp up 8K TV panel production in next year, which commentators claim may drop the product prices.

Other Chinese manufacturers – e.g. Hisense – are reportedly set to enter the 8K TV market sometime soon.

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