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Top Tech Players Lead The Way At Milan Design Week 2024

LG Milan Design Week

Milan Design Week, one of the world’s largest design and furniture exhibitions, is underway in northern Italy from April 16 to April 21. The mega fair has around 2,300 exhibiting companies, and here’s an update on some of the major tech companies showing in and around this prestigious fair.


Samsung Electronics will showcase its new premium kitchen and lifestyle at EuroCucina 2024, one of the largest kitchen events held along the sidelines of Milan Design Week.

Samsung’s booth at EuroCucina this year invites visitors to zones which consist of the Bespoke AI and Premium Built-In Kitchen. At the Premium Built-In Kitchen zone, Samsung has unveiled three new built-in products.

Samsung Connected Lifestyle (Image: Sourced from Samsung Newsroom)

The Built-in Wide Bottom Mount Freezer (BRB6500D) is the first wide model to appear in Samsung’s built-in refrigerator lineup. Using its Wi-Fi compatibility, users can reduce their energy use by up to 10 per cent through SmartThings AI Energy Mode. The Anyplace Induction, is also displayed at the zone. The Anyplace Induction enables users to cook flexibly anywhere on the cooktop. The induction uses 76 sensors to intelligently recognise pots and pans and show their locations on the AI Home display. This allows users to choose cooking areas and set temperatures according to what they are cooking. Also, Samsung’s new Energy Efficient Dishwasher is on display at EuroCucina 2024. Users can turn on the energy saving mode if the monthly electricity bill seems to exceed their target. Then, the dishwasher uses up to 23 per cent less energy with the Pots and Pans programme by reducing the temperature of the main wash and hot rinse while extending the cycle time.

Its Bespoke AI zone has multiple screens. The AI Family Hub and AI Home has a seven-inch screen built into the Bespoke AI Laundry Combo and Anyplace Induction. Through the screens, users can get useful information about tthe device itself or get a phone call directly on the Bespoke AI Laundry Combo while doing laundry.

The devices also feature SmartThings 3D Map View, a three-dimensional perspective of the home that locates connected Samsung appliances throughout the house. It turns off connected devices that aren’t being used and checks their energy usage.


LG Electronics has a 483sqm booth at Salone del Mobile (EuroCucina), a display at Signature Kitchen Suite showroom and a collaboration with Moooi at the Dutch lifestyle company showroom.

LG’s exhibition booth at Salone del Mobile showcases the ultra-premium Signature Kitchen Suite built-in lineup. LG is also displaying its PuriCare AeroFurniture air purifier, new designs by Moooi, as well as other new products such as the InstaView bottom freezer with MoodUP.

LG Milan Design Week

Among the products on display is the newly unveiled Signature Kitchen Suite 60-centimeter built-in oven with Gourmet AI technology. LG’s AI innovation can identify what the user is cooking and automatically suggest the optimal cooking mode from a database of 130 recipes. The LG InstaView bottom-freezer refrigerator with MoodUP, meanwhile, can be found alongside the French-door InstaView fridge with MoodUP.

The newly-revealed Signature Kitchen Suite 48-inch French-door refrigerator and the sleek appliances of the Transitional lineup include built-in combi refrigerators, induction hobs and microwave ovens.

Visitors to the Milan Design Week 2024 can explore LG’s advanced built-in kitchen and home appliances at the LG exhibition booth at Milan Fairgrounds, the Signature Kitchen Suite showroom (corner of Via Manzoni and Piazza Cavour) and the Moooi showroom at Salone dei Tessuti (Piazza Cavour).


Gaggenau returns to Villa Necchi Campiglio this year. The Elevation of Gravity experience offers a glimpse into its future that it says celebrates “our innate attraction to craftsmanship; that magnetic force that transcends the conventional and elevates life.” It features how Gaggenau’s smart home appliances can be integrated into living spaces.

Gaggenau Milan Design Week 2024 (Image: Sourced from Gaggenau website)

This architectural installation is a monumental experience whereby Gaggenau says that “the invisible force of gravity is made tangible in the form of a new way of living and Gaggenau’s upcoming masterpieces.”


After a previous failed attempt at introducing inflatable furniture, the new BRÄNNBOLL gaming collection will include the first successful inflatable chair from IKEA. Also revealed are two IKEA products from the latest launch of the Nytillverkad collection. These products were originally developed and now updated by Japanese designer Noboru Nakamura.

Ikea gaming chair

Electrolux Group

Electrolux Group has introduced Electrolux EcoLine Hub, a one-off installation dedicated to encouraging more sustainable behaviours among people. The Electrolux EcoLine Hub will be open to the public at Fuorisalone 2024, during the week of the Salone del Mobile.

The Electrolux EcoLine Hub is presented as a large parallelepiped structure integrated with the surrounding environment thanks to mirrored walls.

Electrolux at Milan Design Week

The rooms inside are divided into two main areas. In the first one, dedicated to Taste, there is the 800 Steamboost steam oven (KOBBS39WX), the induction cooktop with integrated filter hood (KCC84453CK), the SenseBoil 700 with the brand new SaphirMatt glass (EIS82453IZ), the dishwasher (KEZB8500W) and the 700 GreenZone fridge-freezer (KNP7MD18S). In the second, dedicated to Care, there is a new range of dryers and washing machines, equipped with the microplastic filter.

The products dedicated to garment treatment feature a revamped design. For the first time, Electrolux washing machines feature the SmartSelect interface, which adjusts cycle duration and temperature to help save water, energy and time. The SensiCare+ technology allows you to save up to 40 per cent in time, water, and energy by detecting the weight of each load and adjusting the wash cycle. In addition, the AWorld mobile app fosters sustainability through gamification allowing users to calculate their carbon footprint.

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