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Amazon Set To Deliver Big TVs From Massive New Delivery Centre

Amazon is cranking up their capabilities in Australia with a $500 million dollar investment in new delivery centres in Sydney.

The big online trader plans to build new robotic fulfilment centres one that has been described as being more than four times the size of the Sydney Opera House at 80,000sq metres.

The second 33,400sq metre centre will be as large as four-and-a-half rugby league fields.

Amazon claims that their primary objective is to speed up deliveries of large items such as TV’s furniture and appliances.

The new centres will increase the speed at which Amazon can deliver larger tech devices including TVs as well as furniture across Australia.

The facilities will also include an operations centre, a human resources department, an IT department, engineering teams, health and safety teams and a training centre for new staff and upskilling.

Despite using robotic systems in their factories, they claim that they will need close to 1100 staff to operate both centres, and it has promised major perks to staff who join the new facilities including subsidised private healthcare and five months of maternity pay.

She added “We’re committed to improving selection and delivery speed as demand continues to grow, as well as being dedicated to giving back to the communities in which we operate. We are proud to be able to provide more local job opportunities and look forward to working with the NSW government to continue our investment in the Western Sydney area.”

Goodman Group chief executive Jason Little said the announcement was the result of months of planning and strategic investment in Sydney’s west.

“We’re not only announcing job creation, but we’re also recognising the result of great collaboration with planning authorities and administrators to boost the Western Sydney economy. Goodman has invested significantly in the area, and this development extends Goodman’s infrastructure spend in the Western Sydney employment area to more than $500m,” he said.

“Most importantly, we’re providing our customer Amazon, with the essential infrastructure it needs to expand and help meet growing consumer needs in Western Sydney and beyond.”
Amazon has spent about $1.5bn developing fulfilment centres in NSW.

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