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Toll Strikes Threaten Kmart’s Xmas

Toll workers across three states have gone on ‘indefinite’ strike in the lead up to Christmas, with hundreds of workers set to disrupt Kmart’s Christmas.

United Workers Union national secretary Tim Kennedy said Toll workers, many of whom work casually for the transport empire, aren’t willing to accept hourly wages that are five dollars less than what Kmart was offering 11 years earlier.

“The continued suppression of wages and exacerbation of insecure work must end,” Kennedy said.

“When workers like the workers at Toll, who after turning up through the pandemic to keep society functioning, have to strike for a living wage, it shows that workers in Australia have been forgotten. Something needs to change.”

Workers at seven distribution warehouses across Australia are taking part in the strike action.

“Action will continue indefinitely until a reasonable offer has been made and will likely have a major impact on a supply chain already under strain in the lead up to the Christmas peak,” Kennedy warned.

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