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Thodey, Bell Join Call For Artificial Intelligence Chief

A group of leading industry figures that includes former Telstra CEO David Thodey and 3A institute director and ANU professor Genevieve Bell has penned an open letter to Australia’s business, academic, technology and government leaders, calling for the creation of an independent regulator for artificial intelligence.

Their call comes ahead of an artificial intelligence forum in Sydney on February 7.

The authors say there has been rapid progress in AI but little in how AI should be regulated, and they claim that “Australia must explore the need for a specific organising body to guide and advance the development of ethical frameworks, policy, and regulation as they relate to AI.”

They say the national dialogue should “focus on how it will debate and advocate for the big decisions Australia faces when it comes to AI, both as a nation and as part of an interconnected global community.”

Among the items suggested for discussion is whether Australia needs a governing body to set standards and guidelines for the ethical use of AI that would inform self-regulation and guide government regulation.

Other ” risks and challenges that need to be addressed” are said to include “ethical algorithms for autonomous vehicles; bias in AI-powered hiring processes; the impact of fake news bots; or the potential to entrench ongoing exclusion on the basis of gender and minority status.”

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