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They Have Millions Of Display Screens Now Samsung Gets Into The Movie Business

After making billions flogging. YV’s smartphones and tablets with UHD screens the big tech maker is now having a crack at making content for their Galaxy devices.

Samsung has moved to partner with high-profile filmmakers to produce movies with its Galaxy smartphones.

It’s not known how the move will go down with the likes of Netflix, Foxtel and Disney who are their current content partners.

The South Korean Company has initiated a campaign called “Filmed #withGalaxy” with an aim to encourage people to expand their creativity with Galaxy smartphones.

Joe Wright, who is best known for directing the romantic drama film “Pride and Prejudice,” is the first participant to develop content which some see as a big emotional advertisement for Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung said Wright filmed “Princess & Peppernose,” the tale of a princess who defies convention in search of love, entirely with a Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G smartphone.

During the shooting of “Princess & Peppernose,” the musical using puppetry and live-action choreography, Wright and his crew have said that they took advantage of the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s 13mm Ultra-Wide lens to shoot action scenes.

Following Wright’s film, Samsung said it will also release works from other Chinese directors and directors from around the world, including China’s Sha Mo, who is known for “Love Will Tear Us Apart” and “My Huckleberry Friends.”

Sha Mo also used the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G to shoot his new film “Kids of Paradise” that centre around children in a small school in the countryside.

Samsung said, “Princess & Peppernose” and “Kids of Paradise” will be unveiled this week.

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