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‘The More Fibre The Better’: Budde Backs Labor’s NBN Plan

Telecommunications industry analyst and commentator Paul Budde has commented favourably on the Labor Party’s plan to revive the use of fibre-to-the-premises technology for the NBN rollout.

Labor’s plan, presented by leader Bill Shorten at the weekend (CDN, yesterday), is for the Turnbull Government’s fibre-to-the-node rollout to be phased out when current contracts are completed, and for FttP technology be used instead to connect up to two million homes and businesses.

It would also commission Infrastructure Australia, to develop a plan that outlines how and when the parts of Australia left with “Mr Turnbull’s second-rate NBN” should be transitioned to fibre-to-the-premises.

It claims it could have the full rollout completed by June 2022, at a total cost of $57 billion.

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