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ACCC Wants Feedback On NBN Standards, Pricing Proposals

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The consumer watchdog is seeking feedback on proposals from NBN Co to resolve concerns around wholesale NBN service standards and entry-level pricing.

Two ACCC inquiries, which were paused in April to allow telcos to deal with the coronavirus, have recommenced and are examining NBN Co’s proposed measures to lower prices for entry-level NBN products, provide more product and pricing certainty, and commit more strongly to rebates and other service standards.

According to Rod Sims, ACCC chairman, if deemed reasonable these measures will be included in December’s Wholesale Broadband Agreement between NBN Co and service providers, which will apply for two years.

“These inquiries were launched in response to concerns that NBN access terms were limiting competition and efficiency and risked making NBN products unaffordable for some consumers.

“We are now seeking feedback on NBN Co’s proposed access arrangements with respect to each inquiry. Our current view is that NBN Co’s proposals are reasonable but we want to hear from others.”

Submissions are due by 11 September.

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