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The Design Of Samsung’s New Generation Of Galaxy Bean Buds Has Been Leaked

Samsung only launched its Galaxy Buds+ in February this year, but winfuture.de has leaked the design of the next generation of Samsung’s wireless in-ear headphones – and they have a very distinctive kidney shape.

It is thought that the bean-shaped in-ear headphones are currently in the first phase of testing, so they may not be launched for some months.

The new generation of Samsung Galaxy buds will be completely wireless like their predecessors, but they will likely protrude out of the ear less than current market options.

According to the leaked photos, it looks like the new model will have two small loudspeakers to provide treble and mid-range tones. It is also expected that they will have built-in microphones and headphone sensors to detect when they are actually in use.

Winfuture.de estimated that the earbuds would be around 2.8-cm long, with the back bulge of the bean filling the upper part of the ear, and the integrated loudspeakers protruding in the ear canal. This clever design would seek to keep out ambient noise and provide a more compact shape than other models.

However, unlike many other in-ear headphones on the market, there is no soft silicone fitting to help the earbud stay within in the ear. This could impact comfort and could also allow more ambient noise in. This is just speculation at this point though – we’ll have to wait until they’re launched in market.

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