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Galaxy Unpacked 2020: Introducing Galaxy Buds+

Finally, the Galaxy Buds+ have been launched at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked 2020 after months of leaks and speculation.

The Buds+ are said to optimise the technology offered in the previous Galaxy Buds and features two speakers – one to optimise high notes and the other to deliver booming base.

‘They don’t just give you more sound, they give you better sound,’ Head of Samsung’s Mobile Communications Business, Dr. TM Roh, said.

(Photo: Samsung Unpacked 2020)

The sound delivered for users are said to be of a ‘crystal clear’ quality, emphasising acoustics, bass and high notes.

The Galaxy Buds+ have also partnered with Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming service, to deliver the best and latest music releases with the press of just one button.

But the use of the Buds+ is for more than just music – the devices are also optimised for calls. Instead of two microphones, the Buds+ have three in order to pick up on the user’s voice and deliver quality sound.

Users can also expect to enjoy seamless transitions between paired devices, again – through the press of just one button. The Buds+ can pair to tablets, laptops, computers and smartphones.

(Photo: Samsung Unpacked 2020)

The Galaxy Buds+ also works ‘seamlessly with iOS,’ making the devices compatible with Apple products, like the iPhone.

A revamped battery life has also been announced, with users being given an overall 11-hour playback battery life, as well as one hours’ worth of playback after just three minutes of wireless charging.

Simply put, the Buds+ are ‘powerful, flexible and easy to charge.’

The Galaxy Buds+ are available in blue, white or black for $149 from 14 February.

(Photo: Samsung Unpacked 2020)

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