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The Cartridge Worth More Than Your Vinyl Collection

Japanese high-end audio brand Luxman has released its first phono cartridge in forty years – and given the hefty price tag on the LMC-5 moving coil cartridge, one would hope you won’t need to replace it for at least another forty years.

“This new reference class MC cartridge is the result of two years of research into every aspect of cartridge design,” says Jeff Sigmund, president of Luxman America.

“Our LMC-5 is designed and intended to satisfy demanding music listeners with a unique purity of reproduction; the result of painstaking materials evaluations, repeated prototyping and extensive listening tests.

“The resulting sound quality must be heard to be appreciated.”

The engineering that’s gone into this product is truly world-class. It sports a moving coil design, with each coil thinner than a human hair, a Shibata stylus to capture high frequencies and low frequency bass without any external tracing noise, a diamond stylus, and a 0.5 mm aluminum pipe cantilever with high tracing ability.

“In order to secure the fulcrum of the vibration system, a low distortion structure has been realised by using the one-point “piano wire” support method,” Luxman explains.

“The MC type power generation engine uses a cross mounted iron core with the coils for the left and right channels wound symmetrically. Adopting a magnetic structure with a small field area reduces the intrusion of external noise.”

With closed body designs, the coil and cantilever can often pick up reflected sound (much like a microphone), giving unwanted sonic tones.

Luxman has adopted a minimal housing, with the outer chassis sporting “an inverted egg-shaped curve that suppresses unnecessary reflected sound and vibrations.”

If all that sounds too complicated, rest assured that engineers spent years in development for this product, perfecting every nuance.

“After 40 years’ experience, our aim was to design it to have sensitivity to all the musical information pressed on a record,” Luxman explained.

Luxman products are distributed by Audio Active in Australia. 

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