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Tesla’s New Solar Roof Looks Just Like Tiles

Tesla have announced new solar roofing that mimics the appearance of traditional tiles with minimal effect on power efficiency.

The solar ’tiles’ are constructed using textured glass that house photovoltaic cells, and will be available in four different styles to match different house designs. The glass is transparent to solar from above, but appears opaque when viewed at an angle.

The unique style reduces efficiency by two per cent, but Tesla is working with 3M to potentially achieve effiency above normal levels using improved coatings.


Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, said the solar roof is robust against different weather types, including heavy hail. “Solar glass tiles can also incorporate heating elements, like rear defroster on a car, to clear roof of snow and keep generating energy,” Musk said on Twitter.

Tesla intends for solar roofing to be integrated with the company’s Powerwall 2 battery unit. “You really need to make solar panels as appealing as electric cars have become,” Musk said.

SolarCity and Tesla collaborated in the design of the solar roofing, with Tesla’s $3.4 billion takeover of the company set to be decided by investors on November 17. The outcome will potentially effect whether the solar roof products will become available to the public.

Pricing for the solar roof has not been announced, but Musk said Tesla aims for the cost to be less than a traditional roof when electricity savings are taken into account. Tesla and SolarCity expect to begin solar roof installation next year.

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