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Ten Unveils ‘Cheeky’ New Look Ahead Of Streaming Service Launch

Competition in the television industry has continued to intensify, with CBS-owned Ten launching its first major re-brand in 27 years, debuting several ‘new’ multi-channels including ’10 Peach’ and ’10 Boss.’

Ten will also launch the Australian version of CBS’ All Access subscription service in December this year, featuring over 7,000 commercial-free episodes.

Local All Access pricing and a full list of shows is scheduled to be announced “soon”.

Revealed at its upfronts on Wednesday night, Eleven and One will now be called 10 Peach and 10 Boss, accompanying a shift in overall tone and brand energy.

The re-brand seeks to make Ten’s stable of channels more contemporary, “cheeky” and fun, intensifying competition against Seven and Nine.

Front and centre to the re-brand is the removal of ‘Ten’ from its logo, replaced by the numerical value in a circle, headlining each channel name.

Ten claims it’ll continue to appeal to the older demographic via CBS-owned content (e.g. CSI), however, the youthful re-brand is more about the long game.

Despite its new ownership, parent company CBS has not planted its name on any re-branded material, asserting its commitment to Ten’s fifty year brand history.

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