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Telstra To Publish NBN Speeds

Telstra To Publish NBN Speeds

Telstra has unveiled plans to regularly publish national-level performance data for its NBN services, along with location-specific estimates of NBN network speeds for customers signing up for its services.

These moves follow a surge in complaints by customers in many areas of Australia of slower-than-expected NBN connections.

“We want to give our customers the best experience on the NBN. We think this starts with giving them more accurate information about the speeds they can expect at their home, backed up by a commitment to deliver on those expectations even during busy periods,” a spokesman told Communications Day.

The plan is to begin publishing national-level performance data in April, with the network speed estimates to follow around mid-year. The estimates would include information on what speeds customers can expect in busy periods and what applications they could run at those speeds, the spokesman said.

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