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Telstra Raises Phone Bills Across All Monthly Tiers

Telstra has told customers it will raise monthly mobile bills from next month.

The 4 to 5 per cent increase means that customers will be charged $3 extra on a $55 monthly basic and $65 essential monthly plans, and $4 on top of its $85 premium tier.

“This July, in line with CPI, mobile plans will increase,” a spokesman said.

“Like any business, we have inflation pressures and an annual CPI aligned increase allows us to keep up with the latest economic environment, so we can continue to focus on the things that matter, like bringing our customers Australia’s best mobile network.”

This follows Optus’ decision to start charging its customers for the previously-free Optus Sport package.

This practice of passing on inflation to customers should see the telco’s churn rate increase, as customers look for better deals.



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