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Telstra Launches Lo-Fi Video Game To Help Save The Planet

Telstra has launched a new video game in order to educate Aussies on the telco’s reforestation efforts in northern NSW.

Plant The Future is a shooter that wouldn’t look out of place on the Atari 2600, in which you gain points by “using a drone to shoot seeds into plot holes and watch your trees grow, gaining more points the closer you get to the target.”

The game is coupled with Telstra’s announced of a technology trial to plant and manage the reforestation of 240 hectares of land at Yarrowyck in northern NSW.

Telstra will plant around 158,000 native plants, which will store 160,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide over the next 25 years.

The telco is working with company AirSeed to explore seed planting using aerial drones.

Telstra hopes the plan “will restore the land to its natural state and build resilience in the landscape to better withstand exacerbated drought and flood conditions in the future.”

Telstra CEO Andrew Penn said, as one of the largest energy users in the nation, Telstra’s “ambition has to reflect the enormity of the challenge.”

“Through the use of technology, we are investing in innovative land management methods to accelerate carbon sequestration at scale. This could potentially benefit other sectors such as agri-business.

“This is a first for any Australian telco and we are hopeful the initiative and technologies we are piloting will help other companies increase their involvement in the Australian carbon market.”

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