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Telstra Failed To Monitor Maxiumum NBN Speeds

Telstra will now proactively contact customers not receiving the maximum speed available under their NBN plan, following the national telcos failure to inform internet users about whether or not they were getting the internet speeds they had paid for.

Along with Belong, Telstra customers will now receive periodic notifications regarding their internet speed under a November 2017 court-enforceable undertaking that required the national telco to check customers’ broadband speeds if they were connected to the NBN via FTTN or FTTB technology.

The undertaking from the ACCC required Telstra to inform customers if the maximum speed in their plan was attainable and offer remedies if the customer wished to change or exit their contract.

Unfortunately for Telstra, the telco failed to check the maximum broadband speeds of 180,000 Telstra or Belong services, resulting in uninformed customers that were unable to remedy or address slow internet speeds.

Following the revelation, Telstra has now committed to contacting all affected customers to provide refunds to those who have paid for higher speeds without receiving them.

ACCC Chair Rod Sims said, ‘Everyone who receives an email or letter from Telstra about their NBN service should take note of the maximum speed they are getting and check that they are not paying for something they are not receiving’.

Sims goes onto to explain that internet speeds stay the same no matter which provider you’re with, stating, ‘once you know your maximum speed, make sure you are getting the best deal available for you’.

The ACCC will now be looking closely at other telcos to ensure they are checking speeds and providing customers with the maximum speed as promised.

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