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Samsung Frame Meets It’s Soundbar Match

The Samsung Frame TV high-resolution art display has met its match in the Next Level Acoustics high-performance soundbar that fits the elegant aesthetics of the popular home entertainment device.

The New England-based designer of custom speakers and enclosures has unveiled its Fusion Frame soundbar built to complement the super-shallow Frame TV in its four different variations for an opening cost of US$1400.

Next Level Acoustics is currently exploring distribution in Australia for the Fusion Frame Soundbar, with opportunities now currently open to carry the device.

To match the four sizes of Samsung Frame TVs, there are six Fusion Frame models available, with four being stereo soundbars and two LCR models for the larger 55-inch and 65-inch models.

At a depth of only 1.75 inches, the super-slim soundbar is built to provide exceptional sound quality and room-filling dynamics, with the look and feel of the Samsung Frame TV.

Available in either black or white, the Fusion Frame Soundbar may even find its way into other Hi-Fi setups beyond The Frame.

Though for those after something a little more generic, you could always go for the Fusion Flat, a slightly thicker model but one less geared towards the Samsung Frame aesthetic.

With Next Level Acoustics proprietary 4.5-inch aluminium convex cone driver, coupled with the rare earth neodymium motor system, the Fusion Frame promotes high acceleration and excursion to achieve ultra-low audio distortion during use.

Supporting the soundbar is an optional in-wall subwoofer the CI-IW10S, a compact unit with a long-throw 10-inch cast frame driver that’s designed to fit in 2×4 construction.

Providing extended bass response all the way down to 34 Hz, while using only 40 watts of power.

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