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Telstra Debut New Plans For Broken Devices

Telstra has sought to appeal to consumers who frequently break their devices, with the launch of a new ‘Upgrade and Protect’ add-on service plan.

The paid subscription allows consumers to upgrade or replace a Telstra mobile or tablet that was purchased on a 24 or 36 month Device Payment Contract (DPC), with a new month-to-month consumer mobile or data plan.

Consumers will receive the ability to either a gain a replacement device (for those who often break them), or receive an early upgrade device (for those who swap often).

The program costs $15/month and equates to $180/year, and applies to new smartphones and tablet purchased via a Telstra repayment plan.

Consumers can enrol at the purchase point, and cancel at any time.

Devices must be in “good working order” in order to upgrade within twelve months, and will incur a $99 fee before inking a new mobile repayment plan.

Users can waive the $99 fee if they hold onto the device for over twelve months, however, will still need to register for a new mobile payment plan.

Of most benefit, is the ability to stay on the plan for a month-to-month arrangement, rather than the standard multi-year contract.



The ‘Protect’ plan option is aimed at users who frequently drop their phones, with users paying a $249 fee to receive a new device at any time, provided they sign up for a new mobile repayment plan.

Naturally, the new plan is not aimed at consumers who are budget-conscious, but does offer an alternative to those who are accident prone, or like to upgrade and don’t want the task of selling/holding onto them.

Some commentators have expressed concern over what Telstra intends to do with the accumulation of damaged devices, with some speculating they will refurbished and re-sold.

Full terms and conditions on Telstra’s Upgrade and Protect plan is available on the company’s website here.

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