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Telstra Adds 300 Dark Fibre Routes Across Oz

Telstra InfraCo has expanded its dark fibre to 300 new routes across the country, now offering pre-defined NBN dark fibre POI rings.

Dark fibre refers to cables that Telstra install that are currently not allocate for use for any one company. These are then offering for use for private networks. Telstra call these new pathways a “more seamless way to build private fibre-optic networks”.

“Our dark fibre footprint has grown by 25 per cent since we first launched the product in February 2021, with more than 300 pre-defined routes now available,” said Kathryn Jones, Telstra InfraCo fibre executive.

“It provides customers the simplicity of buying predefined paths but with total control to customise the solution to fit their business needs. It really is the best of both worlds with access to our infrastructure and network expertise but total flexibility and control for their preferred solution.

“We developed the new dark fibre point of interconnect product when we noticed customers were putting together their own ring bundles using our dark fibre,” she continues.

“The product has several advantages though – with the biggest being the built-in resilience. If there is an interruption to one route, traffic can be switched to the alternative route to avoid disruption.”


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