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Tech Council’s Roadmap To A Million Aussie Tech Jobs

The newly-launched Technology Council of Australia has unveiled a roadmap that it declares will deliver one million tech jobs to Australians.

The lobby group, which formed in August and already covers 60 organisations, including Google, Afterpay, and Amazon, released a statement that calls upon government to step up in order to ensure our future in the tech sector.

“The tech sector has the ability to help drive recovery for our economy, provide secure jobs for the future and continue to underpin crucial sectors such as agriculture and mining,” CEO Kate Pounder said.

“The biggest and most urgent risk to meeting our goal of one million people in tech sector jobs by 2025 is the acute labour shortages facing the sector. We must act now to ensure we can fill the new tech jobs we’re creating in Australia over the next four years.”

“To get one million people employed in tech sector jobs by 2025, we need an additional 286,000 workers to join the sector.”

Pounder said that reskilling and upskilling workers is key to fulfilling this plan.

“We believe with the right investment, training and regulation – the tech sector will provide jobs, economic growth, and a pathway to secure employment for the next generation of Australian workers.”

“The boom in tech related jobs means there are now more software engineers and developers in Australia than hairdressers, plumbers, or high school teachers. That’s 1 in 16 working Australians.”

“We want to significantly increase that figure.”

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