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TCL TV, A Pain For Samsung & LG Now Moves To Micro-LED

TCL the Chinese TV Company who have become Samsung and LG’s worst nightmare in the USA where they are number 1 is set to be the first TV Company in the world to launch a Mini-LED model that has all the LED’s built into the panel.

The Company is also restructuring with the possibility emerging of one TCL operation in Australia marketing both TVs and smartphones.

TCL launched their new development in mini-LED technology called Vidrian Mini-LED technology at CES 2020 along with 3 new smartphones including a 5G model that will ship in Australia in the second half of the year.

The company expects the biggest television sales this year will be 65 inches and larger, officials said, and it will launch more 8K TVs in Australia.

The company also announced the THX certified game mode in TCL TVs.

Mini-LED TVs use smaller LEDs that allow for more precise control over the TV’s backlight. TCL who manufacture all of the components for their TV’s and assemble them have managed to build the LED lights into the panel.

While they don’t offer pixel-by-pixel brightness control the same way OLED does, Mini-LED TVs can get much brighter than OLED – and that will make a world of difference when it comes to displaying HDR content the Company said at CES.

During its CES 2020 keynote TCL also announced the Alto 9 Plus Dolby Atmos soundbar, which is among the first to offer full integration so that you can control the soundbar using the TV’s remote, but you can also dig into advanced settings and switch between audio modes through on-screen menus.

In the USA the Company is using a Roku TV however this isn’t required to use this soundbar, however. It comes with its own standalone remote for any TV you’ve already got in the house.

At CES 2020, TCL reiterated that new 8K TV models are still on the way. “TCL intends to launch TVs this year that will exceed the high standards established as part of the 8K Association Certified program and grow the global adoption of this exciting big-screen technology” the company said in a press release.

In the future, TCL TVs will ship with a new form of Mini-LED technology (not to be confused with Micro-LED) called Vidrian. The company says it’s the first TV backlight with “the driving semi-conductor circuitry and tens of thousands of micro-meter class mini-LEDs directly infused in a crystal-clear glass substrate.” Executives claimed during the CES presentation that this should mean better contrast and luminance.

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