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TCL To Show New Mini LED TV Technology At CES 2020

TCL Electronics who also manufacture the JB Hi Fi Ffalcon brand are set to showcase a new generation of TV’s at CES 2020.

The combination of the TCL and Ffalcon brands places TCL in the #3 slot in Australian TV sales behind Samsung and LG and ahead of Hisense.

In the USA the Brand is #1 and globally #2 behind Samsung.

At CES 2020 the big TV maker is set to showcase the next generation of Mini-LED technology among a full suite of new TV and smartphone innovations.

The Company will also show their next generation Smartphone the TCL Plex that will come with an OLED Display.

One of the fastest-growing consumer electronics brands due to their advanced TV technology that includes the world’s first television utilizing high-performance Mini-LED backlight to North America and Europe earlier this year.

The technology will be available in Australia shortly.

Mini-LEDs are built around Quantum Contrast technology, a new standard for TV picture quality has been established with tens of thousands of individual Mini-LEDs powering TCL’s most premium models.

Samsung and LG are expected to show similar technology.

“TCL is thrilled to be at tech’s biggest show and stand on tech’s grandest stage to share our latest Mini-LED developments alongside our vision for the industry in the AI and IoT age,” said Kevin Wang, CEO of TCL Industrial Holdings and TCL Electronics.

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