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Taxi Drivers Give NSW Police Two Finger Salute, Right In Front Of The NBN Head Office

5.23pm on a Thursday night and cab drivers openly park outside the NBN head office despite Arthur Street being a clearway and a major access road to the nearby freeways.

NSW Police, it appears has one attitude to general motorists and another when it comes to cab drivers blocking a clearway night after night right in front of the national offices of the NBN.
At 5.00pm Arthur Street in North Sydney is one the busiest roads leading onto the Cahill and Warringah Freeways.

It’s a clearway, which appears to mean nothing to police at North Sydney, or the Highway Patrol who operate out of the Mosman Police because night after night and day after day five days a week cab drivers park blocking a complete lane that turns into North Sydney and access to the one of the busiest roads on Sydney’s North Shore.

Even calls to North Sydney Police station fail to get the cab drivers moved.

Their attitude is that they are too busy doing “general duties”.

One officer who offered to “put in a docket” for a traffic patrol seems to have little success because after one hour no patrol turned up.

Just around the corner from Arthur Street, the local traffic patrol and North Sydney Police appear to no problem with resources when it comes to trying to get speeding motorist or using their latest technology to stop people who are driving and owe the State Government for outstanding fines.

On one occasion after reporting that up to 12 taxis were parked in Alfred Street, ChannelNews found a traffic patrol car less 500 metres up the road on the next freeway ramping trying to catch motorists entering the freeway.

North Shore traffic officers also have no hesitation in setting up RBT’s on roads leading away from Alfred and Arthur Street in an effort to catch motorists. Their resources seem to be in abundance said one observer.

One local CEO who runs a business close by said” I have reported this issue on six occasions. The Police have done nothing. The cabbies have no hesitation by their actions in giving the local police the two-finger salute”.

The taxi’s that not only block lanes the drivers have no regard for traffic trying to go around them”.

An illegally parked cab driver opens his door forcing oncoming traffic in the lane he is blocking to have to suddenly break. The road is a clearway from 3.00pm onwards till 7.00pm.

This week I personally witnessed a cab driver open his driver side door into oncoming traffic, simply because he had two customers wanting to get in the car”.

One executive said” The taxi’s park right outside the NBN offices and it appears that it is a Cabcharge goldmine which is why they are prepared to openly flaunt the law. They know that Government funded operations are awash with staff who often use a cab. The issue has to be resolved as they often cause major delays”.

When ChannelNews contacted North Sydney Police for the second time this week to complain about the problem and obtain a comment the Police Officer hung up.

When ChannelNews suggested that all Police had to do was install a camera a move in Arthur Street that would allow them to identify the cab Companies whose drivers are breaking the law. A North Sydney Police Officer said, “We can’t do that we have to be there to book them”.

When it was pointed out that cameras are used on roads and freeways on the North Shore to book people and that the NSW Government is now looking to introduce yet another revenue raising technology with their mobile detection cameras, the officer said “That is the law”.

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