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Target Aims For Online Sales To Fix Struggling Business Model

Wesfarmers’ struggling department store chain Target is revamping the way it does business, after a successful Black Friday indicated that its customers were more than happy to shop online. Now, the company needs to make it easier from them to do so.

AFR reports that Target is working with Amazon Web Services to make its online offering ” faster, more reliable, more responsive to individual customers and 90 per cent cheaper to run.”

Target’s General Manager of Technology Samantha McIntyre said that online purchases only make up 15.1 per cent of overall sales, something she is working to change.

“We’ve got really big aspirations in the online space and really want to grow that, and we’re really super excited with how Black Friday went,” McIntyre said.

“We are really focused on how we can personalise our service more to the individual customer, and are already well on our way in terms of modernising our POS, to take into account supply chain and demand.

“So, we’ve got big programs over the next years to really kind of shift that dial.”

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