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Sony’s World-First UHD Delivery System Is Uninspired


Sony’s 84X9000 has four times as many pixels as the current industry benchmark (Full HD) and although movies are displayed in unparalleled detail, there isn’t much content.

Worse yet, our current infrastructure doesn’t really accommodate the standard as UHD movies range from 120-600GB in size and cost between $99-$299 each.

In an effort to bridge the divide between content and hardware, Sony is offering customers who pre-ordered the television access to “the world’s first 4K Ultra HD delivery solution.”

Unfortunately that’s just fancy wording for ‘we’ll send you the TV with some pre-loaded content.’ At present Sony hasn’t disclosed if they’ll be providing the movies on an external hard drive or if the 84X9000 will have its internal memory maxed.

They’ve also stayed quiet on what UHD footage will be bundled with the television, but the company assured TechRadar it will be “much more than just demo footage.”

Sony’s reluctance to share their master UHD plan doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. To make the $25k asking price worthwhile, they’re going to have to provide credible movie titles and lots of them.

Update: Sony Australia spoke to CNet and claimed the content delivery system won’t be available to Australian customers.