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Nintendo’s “Horrible, Slow” Wii U Shunned For PS3 & Xbox

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Nintendo’s Wii U was released in the US one week ago to mixed reviews. A particularly concerning critique was offered by 4A Games developer Oles Shishkovtsov, who according to a TechRadar report decreed the “Wii U has a horrible, slow CPU.”

Shishkovtsov is currently working on Metro: Last Light, a follow up to the hit Metro: 2033. As it turns out, the shiny new console from Nintendo doesn’t have the computing grunt to handle the game, which is unfortunate because Sony’s 6 year old PS3 does, and so does Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

Does this mean the dying breeds of current consoles are more powerful than Nintendo’s Wii U?

Another 4A Games developer, Huw Beynon, revealed the company had a run at producing a Wii U version of Metro: Last Light, but making the game compatible with the Wii U would’ve forced them to discount the game’s quality by cutting corners.  It has since been shelved indefinitely.

The debacle indicates developers don’t have much faith in the performance of Nintendo’s new console and without new games, why buy the gaming console?

As it stands, the Wii U is the first Nintendo console to be sold at a loss. Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime revealed to Mercury News the company is willing to make a loss on the console provided they make a return on game sales.

“As soon as we get the consumer to buy one piece of software, then the entire transaction becomes profit positive,” begun Fils-Aime. “In the end, the business model is to drive the install base of hardware, and then to drive a strong tie ratio with all of the other software and experiences for the consumer. And if we’re able to do that, then we create significant profit for the company.”

Retailers are already slashing the price of Nintendo Wii U games. Toys R Us are offering a 40% discount off a second game when you buy one at full price, while target is offering a 3rd game at half price.

In Australia, Nintendo’s Wii U will be released on November 30th.