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How To Get Best From 3D TV?

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Vogel Wall-1245 LED/LCD/Plasma Wall Mount

Vogel’s new line of TV wallmounts gives the full 3D experience no matter where you sit.

The “Thin” and “Wall” mounts accomodate 26″ flat screens right up to 55″ and can turned up to 180 degree and tilt 20 degrees.

Getting the best out of 3D depends upon sitting at the right angle to the TV so positioning is critical.

The three dimensional effect is created by displaying two superimposed images on the screen and the characters on screen should almost touch the viewer.

A Vogel-mounted TV can be easily tilted up and down, or turned to provide the best viewing angle.

Here’s a breakdown of their range:¬†

THIN 345: This ultra thin wall mount is useful for medium flat screens in a cabinet from 32″ to 55″. It tilts up to 20 degrees and turns up to 180 degrees to watch it with friends. It comes in grey/aluminium or the special edition alpine white.

THIN 245: This ultra thin wall mount is perfect for small flat screens from 26″ to 42″. The 3D TV hangs just 3.5 centimeters from the wall but can extend up to 51 centimeters. It can be tilted 20 degrees and turned up to 180 degrees.

WALL 1345: This wall mount provides sturdy support for medium flat screens from 32″ to 65″, weighing up to 45 kilograms. It is useful for viewing a screen around a corner and can be turned up to 180 degrees and tilted 10 degrees.

WALL 1245: This wall mount is great for small flat screens in the family room or children’s room from 26″ to 42″. Kids can lie on the floor and tilt it down 10 degrees for more comfort or turn it up to 180 degrees.

Vogel’s TV wall mounts are available from JB Hi Fi, Myer (selected), Harvey Norman (selected), The Good Guys (selected), Bing Lee(selected), Retravision stores and specialty dealers.