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Bowers & Wilkins C5 Delivers Great Looking Sound

Bowers & Wilkins C5 Delivers Great Looking Sound

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The C5 uses a micro porous filter with hundreds of microscopic steel balls that act as a sonic diffuser, producing sound otherwise foreign to in ear headphones. Its tight, sealed fit limits noise bleed and isolates audio properties, to help listeners escape from their chaotic surroundings to their musical haven.

“B&W’s C5 promises to change the game for in-ear headphones,” said Geoff Matthews, CEO of Bowers & Wilkins distributor Convoy International.

“Expect to lose yourself in the flawless audio C5 produces; the sound will astound even the most discerning listeners. Concert for One sums up this product very well,” Matthews continued.

Pursuing comfort and quality, Bower & Wilkins have introduced a proprietary secure loop design, allowing the headset to be fixed in the inner ridge of the listener’s ear comfortably and quickly. The design also ensures soundwaves propagate directly into the ear, even when exercising. Recognising that ears come in different sizes, B&W have included three different ear tips, giving the C5 that custom feel.

The C5 is crafted from a combination of high-grade aluminium and Tungsten, contributing to its rigidity and premium quality texture.

Designed specifically for Apple devices, it comes with a ‘Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad’ remote and microphone. However it will work with any device that has a standard auxiliary (3.5mm) input. 

Available late September from B&W stockists, including Apple, David Jones and Harvey Norman, with a RRP of $249.