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Sharp’s Microsystem: When Good Becomes Great


There is a considerable difference with this micro system (DK-KP95PH) and happily it’s not the size. Rather, it now comes with AirPlay and DLNA to allow compatible devices—such as smartphones, computers and Apple products—wireless music playback.

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This is in addition to its on board CD player, iPhone/iPod dock, USB slot and auxiliary (3.5mm) input.

Connectivity is just one part of its two-fold approach: the other is sound. It still pumps 50 watts of sound, has an integrated digital amplifier and Sharp’s in built X-bass function.

It appears Sharp has made a good thing better.

The 83mm wide micro system is available in two colours, black or silver, and will be available from retailers in July for $379. And if you’re after a system a little more sensitive on price, there’s always the non-wireless model—which is pretty much the same bar DLNA and Airplay—for $279.